Mar 11

So an update - still at Tesco. Things are going a little better and I enjoy the job. Still applying for lab jobs though! So far I’ve had 1 interview since I last updated but got the feeling I was interviewed to fill the slots as usual. Still looking for PhDs.

Also, I’m in love :3 and I’m going to the Lakes later this week with the lovely lady.

Jan 16

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Dec 28

Got thrown in at the deep end starting off as a supervisor, training others just before store opening and right before Christmas. Got used to being busy and now that it’s all over I am bored out of my mind at my job. The only thing that makes my job enjoyable is taking the piss out of the funny stupid customer stories we get. Not to worry. Seen three science jobs pop up that I can apply for. I’m also applying for PhDs again to start in September but I’d rather be out of there sooner than later!

Dec 20

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Dec 12

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Dec 10


Dec 08



Applying for PhDs… agaaaain…. Maybe more hope this time!

And asked in work about switching departments to the cash office and got a maybe. It’d enjoy it so much more because it’s the only job role in Tesco that requires a bit of brain work, even if only a little! :) And the hours are way more social.